Hola, I’m Dr. Alma, a Latina Pharmacist turned to holistic care. My main goal is to help the Latino communities pave the way toward better health outcomes. 

About Alma In Peaces


Latina Pharmacist Turns to Holistic Care

So happy you found Alma in Peaces! On my health journey, I’ve gone through my share of issues, doctor visits, labs, and tests. And still, I found it difficult to get answers. After a while, I turned to holistic approaches to heal and found that western medicine is not the end all, be all. Now, I am actively pursuing training in holistic health to bring that knowledge to you.

Not a lot of Latina Pharmacist out There

When I went to school and to work, I noticed a lot of people that didn’t look like me, or spoke another language. There’s a disparity in the care people of color receive because they don’t have many advocates in the field. I want to help bridge this gap. I want to help more people than I can hand out prescriptions to. In particular, I want to help the Latino communities pave the way to better health outcomes.

what I can do for you

At Alma In Peaces, you can find information to empower you on the path to better health and wellness. We are consumed with so much information that it can get overwhelming.  As a pharmacist, I am trained to filter information in an open-minded and unbiased way. I took an oath not to let big “money” influence my recommendations and I take that to heart. Information should be easy to understand and available to everyone. And you have a right to make educated decisions based on that information. I have done the legwork, looked at the research, invested time and money. I’ll tell you what I know and what I’m working on in hopes it helps you. Chances are you’re going through some stuff too, and that’s why you’re here.

Some more stuff About Me

My day job consists of talking to patients taking specialty meds in order for them to get the best outcomes. I also talk to doctors, and other health professionals to coordinate care of patients. Before this, I was at an oncology clinic, and before this, I was in a chain retail pharmacy. In my move toward a more holistic approach to my practice, I am actively training to become certified in functional health. But, I’m not just a PharmD, friends:

  • When I’m not helping patients, I’m researching trending health topics, they fascinate me. 👩🏻‍🔬
  • I’m a huge nerd, a perpetual seeker of knowledge. 👩🏽‍💻
  • I’m a mom, daughter, wife, friend, sister, tía, student of life, immigrant, Latina, (brown and proud). 👸🏽
  • Born in Acapulco, raised north of Chicago, soy de aquí y de allá. 🇲🇽🇺🇸
  • I value experiences over material things. 🌌
  • Date nights with the hubby, especially dancing. 💃🏻🕺🏻
  • Coffee dates with mija. ☕️
  • Eye-opening travels. 🛫
  • Stimulating conversations with friends & family. 🫂 

Let’s get Healthy

Join me on the journey to better health. It’s a progress, with many opportunities to learn. Join the community by subscribing below to keep updated on the newest content. Follow me on social platforms to say hi.  Let me know topics of health that interest you! Share with your loved ones. Tell the comis, hermanas, tías, mamás. All are welcome here, even if you’re not Latina, or a woman. Good health is for everyone. If you prefer Spanish, I also translate everything myself over at the sister site: Alma en Pazos. Gracias for being here and I look forward to working together.

Coming soon: One-on-one functional nutritional health coaching opportunities. 🦋

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